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Máy khuấy trộn chìm (Submersible Mixer)

Mã sản phẩm: ATM
Xuất xứ: TAIWAN
Bảo hành: 18 tháng

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Thông số kỹ thuật máy khuấy chìm Asitech:

– Công suất: 0.37 – 10kW

– Điện áp: 380V/3pha/50Hz

– Cấp độ bảo vệ: IP68

– Chuẩn cách điện: lớp H (chịu nhiệt đến 180oC)


Submersible Mixer (ATM-series)


Asitech submersible mixers are able to offer the optimal solution to every customer’sneeds. Our rich experience together is put to work in the R&D process to ensure mixers and agitators are the best choice when you look at the total cost throughout the entire life cycle of the equipment. The agitator system in combination with flexible mixer positioning and easy installation guarantees a solution with the optimum cost, and is widely used in wast`e water treatment plants and industry
process to agitate the suspended substances contained water, watery slurry, icy water, liquid from industry process, roast liquid, etc.


The submersible mixers are used for aerobic and aeration treatment that mixes water and air, or anaerobic treatment that doses not mix air into the water. They can function as creating water flow, improving water quality, increasing oxygen content in the water and effectively preventing the sedimentation of the suspended substances.





Remarks Material S*:  S1: cast iron FCD450;  S2: SUS304; S3: SUS 316L


Working Conditions
1. Maxi temperature no over 40°C.
2. PH of medium:5-9.
3. Medium density no over 1150KG/M^3.
4. Long term diving operation, Max. immersion depth no over 20m.

  1. Motor Protection: IP68


  1. Equipped with overload protector to protect motor from burnout easily due to abnormal conditions occurs.
  2. Special Mixer impeller design to mix and agitate impurities in the water efficiently.
  3. Adopts SIC/SIC(Silicon Carbide) dual mechanical seals to ensure best seal effect and reduce abrasion from waste water.
  4. Guide rail device is available for safety purpose.


Performance Curves

Installation modes and dimensions

*The submersible mixers can be installed in a multiple of modes. Here are four generally accepted modes of installation for selection with reference made to the following table᷏ Our company can also provide the
special designs in accordance with the demand of the users.




*The special installation systems for the submersible mixers can facilitate the quick installation and dismantling of the submersible mixers under the conditions of no need for draining off sewage from the pond.

*Installation System I is only suitable for H≤3m and the mixer models of  ATM0.37/6, ATM0.55/4, ATM0.85/8 and ATM1.5/6, and with the possibility of adjusting the angles in both horizontal direction and langitudinal direction.

*For installation systems II and III, the guide rod can rotate round the axial line of the guide rod along the horizontal direction with the maximum angle of rotation ±60o, if H>4m, it is necessary to add a supporting frame between the guide rods.

*The supporting frame and the lower support shall be fixed onto the pond wall and the pond bottom with the use of expansion bolts or chemical anchors. For the big diameter impellers and the big power mixers the best choice is to pre-embed.

*While placing an order by customer. Please supply the pond depth H and the drawing of the pond shape so as to determine the dimensions of the guide rod and the number of the supporting frames.

*A multiple of mixers with the same installation system can share one lifting system.

*The installation systems may employ the material of stainless steel or carbon steel for the selection of the corrosion-resisting properties.

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